JE Dunn is upgrading our prequalification system to improve trade partner user experience. New functionality will include the ability to have multiple account administrators, a single login for all other JE Dunn applications, and automatic integration with our bid delivery software.

All trade partner profiles will be migrated to the new system by the end of this year.

If you would like to try the new system now, please click here.

List of Required Documents

This document outlines all required information to complete a prequalification with JE Dunn Construction.

  1. General information - About your company, i.e., name, address, phone, e-mail & contact person.
  2. Company classification - List any business preference or classification your company holds, e.g., disadvantage business, veterans, 8(a) Certified, etc.
  3. Locations - List which area(s) or region(s) in which your company(s) will work.
  4. Accounting Information - Your company's accounting firm/CPA contact information.
  5. Financial Statements - You will be asked to key in certain financial statement information. Also a recent copy of your CPA prepared financial statements must be submitted. Statements must be reviewed or audited by a CPA firm.
  6. Banking - Include banking name, address & contact information. Also credit line details.
  7. Bonding - Include your bonding agent contact information.
  8. Letter of Bondability - Include a copy of your bonding status and capability. How much is your total bonding capacity? How much can you bond per project?
  9. Trade References - Who you currently do business with. (At least 3 are required.)
  10. Project References - Recently completed projects with details to include the General Contractor, value of subcontract and completion dates. (At least 3 are required)
  11. Safety Information - Information related to your company's safety program.
  12. Experience Modification Rate (EMR) - Experience Modification Rate information.
  13. OSHA/Lost workday Incident Rates - Your company's OSHA/Lost workday incident history.
  14. Quality Assurance/Quality Control - Your company's quality assurance/quality control program.